Two foundational skills for the advanced path

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At some point on the journey to enlightenment, there is a shift from trying to perfect or “fix” the ego, including the higher spiritual ego, to the advanced path, where attention is only on divinity, only on the Self.  Anyone can make this shift, and anyone can become enlightened.  There is no set amount of years of arduous practice required or an initiation that is needed.  However, there are two foundational skills that make the advanced path possible: getting control of your mind and getting control of your life.  Without these two skills, there is too much distraction and disharmony for the advanced path to take root.

Get Control of Your Mind

It is difficult to hear the whisperings of the universe, the Truth of your own soul, if your mind is constantly raging with thoughts and impressions.  On the advanced path, intuition, inquiry, and seeing what is…

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